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About me

I`m a woman with an interesting life scenario that was created by myself. In my life I reached a lot, but don`t think that I want to stop. People must develop their skills always. I only want to change the direction for a bit or just to open a new way, my soul craves to go. I`m very devoted in all meanings. As much as I`m devoted to ophthalmology, my main profession, I can be devoted to my beloved person and much more. I know there exist millions of ways to be happy, if you never give up. You can rely on me, I will love regardless of the circumstances.

Hobbies and interests

I'm the woman that appreciates movement. At the same time I can appreciate moments. That's why I'm always happy to meet friends and walk with them to various places and excursions, or just discuss life moments and laugh together. I never stop, even if I reach hight. My self-development programme includes visiting theatres, museums, concert halls and travelling. In our fast life rhytme it's like a catharsis for me.

Looking For Men Type

There is a beautiful picture in my mind: there is a blindfold on my eyes and my man leads me to a beautiful country of desires and passion.So in relations I appreciate mutual trust, masculine character, that I want to obey. I just want to be weak woman. There is a special characteristic in every woman that is called female intuition, special GPS device inside, that can`t miss that Mr One and Only. So I think I can use it right. I don`t want to find just a good man, I want to find my soulmate. I will feel my man with my heart, especially if his heart is as pure as mine and if his soul is open for good. I`m ready to lean on his warm and powerful shoulder, to his arm caressing me and giving me confidence.