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About me

I am a very communicative person. I like talking to different people very much! Discovering something new in the world is the thing of my biggest interests! I believe in people and in sincere relationships between them. I enjoy simple things - when everything is good in life, when my close people are with me, when it is cozy, warm and calm around me. I am sure that it is better to regret about the things you did then about the things you didn't do. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, that's why it is easy to make me do something unusual for me. My favourite part of the year I spring, because I can enjoy the blooming flowers! I like sweets a lot, but you won't see it looking at my figure. I really dream about having enough time for just walking and counting stars, going to the sea and drinking tea with cookies in such a life haste.

Hobbies and interests

I like travelling, meeting with my friends, going to the cinema, having parties. I love sports. I used to go in for pole-dancing, but I like acrobatics on aerial canvases more. I also have a dog - it is a beautiful Husky with charming blue eyes. He is kind and cheerful. I like nature. Sometimes I go hiking in the mountains. I admire the beauty and the atmosphere of such places! I can go there only for 3-4 days, if more - then I start missing my bed, wi-fi and shower.

Looking For Men Type

I am looking for a kind, strong and smart man. The one, who is not just telling words, but making actions. A mature man who has life experience and his own point of view about many life-important questions. The one, who will motivate me to become better and better.