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About me

I am a kind young lady. I am not experienced in life that enough. I have a lot of goals I need to achieve. I am a charming and romantic person at the same time. I like rich life and freedom. I am looking for people who can respect each other. Sometimes all sorts of incidents happen to me. I am a collected person. But one time, I was late for a friend's birthday and put the dress inside out. It is good that it was the beginning of autumn and I was wearing a coat. Arriving at the cafe, the administrator came up to me and said that I had not put on the dress correctly. I was so embarrassed. She took me to the room where I changed, and thank God no one else noticed this. But the adventures of the dress did not end there. After about two hours, I knocked over the sauce, which I don't remember anymore, but the fact is that it was not washed off. As you can imagine, I am a lucky person.

Hobbies and interests

To be honest, I have several hobbies. I like swimming. When I have free time, I go to the pool. Sometimes I can run, it depends on my mood. I love to play tennis and table tennis. The main thing is that the ball would not hit me. And that is not pleasant enough. Once it happened that the ball hit me four times, while I learned to play normally. I left the court bruised like after the battle. For that, there is a big plus, I very quickly learned to beat off serves. And the last hobby is less traumatic. This is embroidery. But not ordinary, beadwork. It turns out very nicely. The main thing is to be careful not to confuse the beads and not to prick. So I joined the ranks of creative people.

Looking For Men Type

My ideal man, the one who can touch the strings of my soul. But like all women, I have certain wishes, I would say a set of qualities that he should have. My man, first of all, should be strong and courageous, that would protect me, smart, that would be interesting with him, intelligent and well-mannered, that would set an example for our children, with good income, that would support a family and be responsible, who keeps his word and care. I want us to buy groceries together not to pull heavy bags home alone. He could not only plan, but also act - the "couch strategist" will never become the support of his family, but an active man is able to achieve a lot, even if he is not particularly distant. Who would be able to appreciate - this applies to the woman nearby, and at work, and at home, and among friends. It is important that a man does not act as a critic, but as a support, stimulus and motivator. He can appreciate small joys and happiness in all its manifestations.