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About me

My best features are the facts that I am a very serious and funny woman. I think that I can find a way out of any situation because of my sense of humor and the fact that I do not give up and believe in the best. I think that people need to face all problems with a smile and the feeling that there are no unsolved cases and that we are strong personalities who can find ways out of anything, am I right? My friends laugh at me saying that I am very good at the inner world of people and I can read thoughts and true worries of everyone who surrounds me. Maybe because of my kind heart - they have such opinion, but I am really glad to do something good for others and I do not ask anything in return. Of course, sometimes I have some upset days, but it is not a reason to get depressed in life, right? So, I am working on myself and would you do it with me?

Hobbies and interests

I love animals and I am interested in helping different charitable organizations. I love staying outside, long walks, being on the sea or in the parks, trying smth like horse riding, cycling, yoga, swimming and dancing. Sometimes, I enjoy singing karaoke with my friends, making some parties and cooking. I would try more, but right now I do not have much time for this. I would like to learn about new cultures and study new languages.

Looking For Men Type

I think that I need a man with whom I can enjoy this life and forget about all the problems and difficulties, be just myself and I want my man to respect it and never laugh at my weakness or some sides of my character!