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About me

I am a wise and interesting woman. I am a wonderful hostess and versatile person. The trait that stands out the most in me is my stubbornness. It can both help me and do me harm. For example, it is pretty beneficial when there is something very difficult I need to do in this case, I will not stop until I reach my goal. Sometimes this turns against me, as I may pay too much attention to one particular and completely forget about everything else around me. According to my friends, another signature trait of mine is my friendliness. Most will say that this is a good character point, but it brought disadvantages, too.

Hobbies and interests

My hobby is reading, be it a newspaper, book, magazine, written by any good author. In my free time, I always read stories, novellas, novels, biographical and scientific articles and any other materials that interest me. I am an excellent cook.

Looking For Men Type

I like men with a strong disposition, with whom I will feel like behind a stone wall. Who has the opportunity to defend me and support me in any life circumstances, who will inspire me and will always be there. Who will I feel safe with. I would like him to be conscientious and impudent.