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About me

I am an ordinary girl who knows what she wants from life. Sometimes I am quick-tempered, but I can calm myself very quickly. I always try to control myself. I am very inquisitive. I always try to find out as much as possible and get a lot of knowledge. After all, in our time, the one who owns the information, he owns the world. It is very important for me to finish all my business to the end, so I never give up on the floor. I like to argue and prove my point of view, but I can come to a compromise at the right time. Caring is a very important factor for me, so I always try to take care of my loved ones.

Hobbies and interests

I like sports and always prefer to actively spend time. Sometimes I like to dance and have fun. Dancing takes a special place in my heart. I constantly listen to music, sometimes it very uplifts the mood. As a child, I really liked to paint, but now there is no time for this, and not such a fervent desire. Earlier I made jewelry with my own hands, but quickly cooled down to this type of activity.

Looking For Men Type

I am looking for a very courageous and honest man. In my life, there is no place for deception and under-told words. This is very important for me and for my inner world. My future man must be confident in himself, always be morally stable and ready for difficulties. He must also treat me first and foremost with respect in order to be an authority for me. He should never hurt me. Support in difficult times if I need it. Necessarily in the future our relationship for him should be in the first place.